Bird and Dine goes Down Under


Bird and Dine is delighted to announce that with the recent addition of  The Cottage Cafe at the Berry Farm near Perth, we now have our first site in Australia.  The Cottage Café has its own atmosphere with stunning blue wrens coming on to the outside tables to sample the home-grown food (if you let them), so you may not even need binoculars to Bird and Dine!

We are sure that there are more places in Australia that offer opportunities to enjoy the scenery, taste good food and drink, and watch the wildlife. So don’t be shy, please tell us about any other candidate pubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants that allow you to Bird and Dine.  We still want to hear from people who have explored other countries too: we would especially like to expand into continental Europe and New Zealand but we are interested in anywhere from Argentina to Zimbabwe! Naturally, we would also love to hear about any more candidates for the countries we have already included.

If you want to be really helpful and make it easier for us to process the entry, just complete our form to recommend a ‘bird and dine’ place and have a try at rating it for views, food and wildlife. Otherwise you can always mail us at birdanddine, but please give us as much information as you can – it saves a lot of time, and ensures that we can quickly let the rest of the world know about the place that you have enjoyed.

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