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Bird and Dine News

New sites coming soon!

Bird & Dine provides key information to help you find beautiful places with exciting wildlife and to enjoy fine local fare while watching the local wildlife. We also give details of accommodation and useful guide books. Here are a few new sites we added recently or will be adding soon!

Coming soon – new sites:

La Paz Waterfall Gardens – Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge is a spectacular place to visit not only for it’s great accommodation but specifically for observing lapaz-costarica-view1hummingbirds close up.  The gardens alone attract over twenty six different hummingbird species from the volcano hummingbird to the purple crowned fairy.    Visit their website to get an extensive list of lapaz-costarica-bird1these magnificent birds.   For those of you that enjoy outside adventures in a safe wildness La Paz boasts of magnificent waterfalls consequential of the rain forest effects populated with jaguar jungle cats, howler monkeys, butterflies, an extensive aviary but best of all in my view are the leaf frogs.  Wonderfully colourful and easily photographed in the ‘Frog Ranrarium’.

lapaz-costarica-frog1This place is spectacular for its wildlife and for the easy access to these wonderful creatures.  So if your in the La Paz’s neck of the woods do not miss this opportunity to visit their spectacular location with the grand waterfalls and beautiful walks in the setting of a rainforest.   La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge

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