Birdanddine – Short Marketing Video

Bird and Dine….. an experience never to forget


This video gives a quick flavour of Bird and Dine, a website for those who enjoy birding and dining and would like to combine these activities.
We designed Bird & Dine to link good food and enjoyable eating and drinking with opportunities to view birds and other wildlife in spectacular locations.  Our unique website highlights places that offer refreshment in comfort to everyone – from the avid bird watcher with binoculars, camera and telescope to the bon viveur who just likes eating well while viewing the scenery.  In each case, you can choose to enjoy a meal or a drink while viewing wildlife either indoors or outdoors. Most of the establishments listed here also offer accommodation, so you can prolong your stay, widen your experience and increase your enjoyment.
We had to start somewhere, so initially we covered Scotland, England, Wales & Ireland, but we have begun to expand to cover anywhere in the world that fits the bill.  We provide maps, useful contact details for restaurants and cafes, availability of in-house accommodation, typical species that may be seen, opening times, some photographs and other useful information.   We also offer links to quality outdoor wear, cameras, binoculars and telescopes and other essentials for the keen birder.
We have rated establishments  for quality of scenery, food and wildlife.  Obviously, these ratings represent our personal views, but, in due course, we want to incorporate feedback from those who have tried birding and dining in the restaurants, cafes and inns so we can reflect a broader range of opinions.