Bird and Dine hits Fifty!

Bird and Dine is delighted to announce that we now have fifty establishments for you to research, visit and enjoy.  Since the beginning of this year, we have added restaurants, cafes, hotels and inns in Ireland, Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica and Costa Rica, so you can now find places to bird and dine in ten countries in four continents.  The recent additions are:

We currently have some more entries under review, which are in Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, the USA, Ireland, Wales and England.  Bird and Dine would like to thank photographer Charles Sharp for alerting us to many of these places, and for kindly allowing us to use some of his photographs. Take a look at Charles’ excellent wildlife photographs on his website here:

Please tell us about any other candidate pubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants that allow you to Bird and Dine. If you want to be really helpful and make it easier for us to process the entry, just complete our form to recommend a ‘bird and dine’ place and have a try at rating it for views, food and wildlife. Otherwise you can always mail us at birdanddine, but please give us as much information as you can – it saves a lot of time, and ensures that we can quickly let the rest of the world know about the place that you have enjoyed.

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