Orkney punches above its weight!

Bird and Dine is delighted to announce that, following a successful trip to the Orkneys in September, we have found four great new establishments for you to enjoy!  This is an extraordinary number for such a small area, but those who know Orkney will not be surprised – in fact there may well be more.  The sites we have selected for birding and dining are:

We have published three of the Orkney sites and the fourth will be up soon.  Each of these sites offers sea views and a good range of food.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have a good number of inhabited islands with stunning views and amazing wildlife, and many of these have places where you can eat and drink.  We are sure there are many more suitable candidates for Bird and Dine on these islands.  So here’s a challenge for the other islands: can any of you beat the Orkneys?  Which island (or island group) packs the biggest punch?  And let’s spread the net a little wider: are there any offshore islands in the world that we should consider?

Please tell us about any other candidate pubs, hotels and restaurants that allow you to Bird and Dine. If you want to be really helpful and make it easier for us to process the entry, just complete our form to recommend a ‘bird and dine’ place and have a try at rating it for views, food and wildlife. Otherwise you can always mail us at birdanddine.

Location Overview: – See the their locations in more detail here




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