Whiskey River, St. Peter, Minnesota

Roomy neighborhood American pub offers comfortable views of a good range of wildlife on the banks of the Minnesota river




About the place:

Atmosphere is never lacking in “The View.” The wildlife is always present, and panoramic windows bring the changing Minnesota weather up close. The restaurant features a solid menu and attentive, friendly service near the populated downtown setting. Th.ere is a reasonable chance of spotting Bald Eagle, which nests locally


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Local Wildlife:

  • Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Black Capped Chickadee, White Breasted Nuthatch, House Finch, Wild Turkey, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Plieated Woodpecker, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Bald Eagle 
  • Red Winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Brown Thrasher, Indigo Bunting, Gray Catbird, Brown Headed Cowbird, Yellow Warbler, Wood Duck, Blue Winged Teal, Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, Ring Billed Gull, Red Tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Killdeer, Belted Kingfisher, Tree Swallow, Chimney Swift, Chipping Sparrow, Song Sparrow


  • Woodlands and river inlets
  • Excellent views from the terrace, and from windows inside


  • Sports-bar type quality food
  • Speciality Burgers
  • Many American brews of the area on tap
  • Open: All year round
  • Accommodation: no


Useful Reads:

  • Birds of Minnesota, field guide

What Customers say:

Location: Minnesota, USA

  • Whiskey River, 34166 MN-99, St Peter, MN 56082

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