Belted Kingfisher

Camellia Street Grill, Everglades City, Florida

Waterfront dining with close views of Everglades wildlife     About the place: The Camellia Street Grill is set on the waterfront and is a popular spot for the locals. It’s one of the places where you can watch pelicans

Triad Seafood Cafe, Everglades City, Florida

Screened patio over the Barron River     About the place: The Triad Seafood Cafe is part of the well-known Triad Seafood Market. which was established in 1984.  It offers its famous Stone Crabs on an ‘All you can eat’

Ray’s Boathouse, Seattle

On the shores of Ballard overlooking Puget Sound     About the place: Ray’s Boathouse Restaurant and Cafe is a long-established dockside feature, and looks out to Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. It is located close to Discovery Park, which

CCs on the Rideau, Canada

Located on the banks of the Rideau lake, with spectacular views of the lake and its wildlife   About the place: CCs on the Rideau nestles on a small peninsula between the lower Rideau lake and the Big Rideau Lake, with easy

Whiskey River, St. Peter, Minnesota

Roomy neighborhood American pub offers comfortable views of a good range of wildlife on the banks of the Minnesota river     About the place: Atmosphere is never lacking in “The View.” The wildlife is always present, and panoramic windows bring

Hotel Kenney, Elgin, Ontario

Hotel Kenney on the Rideau Canal with spectacular locks which are still operated by hand     About the place: Hotel Kenney at Jones Falls is snuggled into a peaceful corner of the Rideau canal chain between Kingston and Ottawa.